Our range of innovative training courses and workshops are designed to give you confidence and skills to be able to support people experiencing poor mental wellbeing.


    Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course which teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. MHFA won’t teach you to be a therapist, but just like physical first aid, it will teach you to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis.

    Adult MHFA courses are for everyone aged 16 upwards. Every MHFA course is delivered by a quality assured instructor who has attended an accredited Instructor Training programme, and is trained to keep people safe and supported while they learn. At Advance Brighter Futures we have instructors that are trained and licenced to deliver the course in England and Wales.

    What will I learn?

    Learning takes place through a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions.

    A practical skills and awareness course designed to give you:

    • A deeper understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect people’s wellbeing, including your own
    • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues
    • Confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress
    • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening
    • Knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to appropriate support

    How will attending an MHFA course help?

    Research and evaluation shows that taking part in an MHFA course:

    • Raises awareness and mental health literacy
    • Reduces stigma around mental ill health
    • Boosts knowledge and confidence in dealing with mental health issues
    • Promotes early intervention which enables recovery

    Each participant will receive a certificate, a wallet-sized reference card plus a comprehensive manual with information about sources of support for people experiencing poor mental health.

    The MHFA (Wales) course is a national training programme for Wales which is licensed and developed by Training in Mind.
    The MHFA (England) course is a national training programme for England which is licensed and developed by Mental Health First Aid England.

  • safeTALK

    Suicide Alertness For Everyone (safeTALK)

    safeTALK is a 3½ hour training course that can help you make a difference. Know what to do if someone’s suicidal by following the easy to remember TALK steps – Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep-safe.These practical steps offer immediate help to someone having thoughts of suicide and helps you both move forward to connect with more specialised support.

    Course Aims:

    • Identify people thinking of suicide
    • Overcome barriers in talking about suicide
    • Identify reasons we may miss, dismiss or avoid suicide
    • Practice using the 4-step model of suicide alertness
    • Connect people at risk of suicide with further appropriate help

    The safeTALK course was developed by LivingWorks in Canada and is delivered worldwide. It complements the more comprehensive 2 day ASIST course by conveniently widening the net of suicide alert helpers to ensure that thoughts of suicide aren’t missed, dismissed or avoided. The safeTALK course is based on the principles of maximum dissemination and minimum cost.

    ASIST supports the National Service Framework (NSF) Standard 7, which looks at suicide prevention.

    Each participant will receive a certificate, a wallet-sized reference card plus a resource pack with information about sources of support for people having suicidal thoughts.


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